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The Bubble Show is great fun! Everyone loves bubbles, their rainbow colors and the way the float through the air. We make long bubbles, big bubbles, and little tiny bubbles. Every child will go inside of a giant bubble! The bubble show is very interactive with many chances for the children to make different bubbles themselves. 
The bubble show is 60 minutes and includes juggling. We bring plenty of tarps to make the bubble show great fun on rainy days. The bubble show is especially recommended kids 
6 & under.


Bri’s Juggling & Variety Show – 30 minutes. (Ages 3-12) 

The 30 minute Kid’s Juggling & Variety Show explores shapes, colors, and animals. The show is tailored to the average age range of the audience from toddlers to teens. This interactive show incorporates comedy, audience participation, and silly stunts. Bri is best known for her exciting ball spinning. She whirls, twirls, and spins balls faster than the Tasmanian Devil! Kids (and adults) get to try it out at the end of the show too!



The PuppeTrixters & The Spectacular Story Skirt

Imagine a giant hand-crafted story skirt brought to life with marionettes, puppets, & dramatic play… Our adept PuppeTrixters incorporate song and narrative in performances which vary from: ~ humble nature tales and classics for little ones 

~ archetypal & oracular puppetry for all age audiences 
~ edutainment: sharing useful information in fun and novel ways

An utterly unique show featuring 3 entertainers. Music and story and puppets combine to enchant children.



Pi: The Physical Comedy Troupe 
Pi is a collective of clowns not easy to forget. Pi sits somewhere between Charlie Chaplin, Saturday Night Live, and Looney Toons. Their crazy characters and high level circus skills have been known cure heart disease, blow minds, and even induce labor. No really she laughed that hard. It’s amazing how intelligent these 6 fools can be. For the last 7 years Pi has been using elements of acrobatics, juggling, mime, eccentric dance, live music, improvisation, puppetry and feats of incredible strength to create new and innovative works of theater and sketch comedy. 
Pi has had the distinct pleasure of performing with Teatro Zinzani, Bread and Roses, Earth Dance, Palo Alto Children’s Parade, The San Francisco Circus Center, Clowns Without Borders, Lone Star Circus, The Tini Tinou International Circus Festival, and Cirque Du Soleil.


Barrel Full of Monkeys

The Clown Show you will enjoy our comedic skits, magic tricks, and classic circus acts such as juggling, unicycling, rolla bolla, and plate spinning. The clown show is very interactive with lots of audience participation. The Clown show is 40 minutes with 2 performers.



Thomas John Comedic Juggling Variety Show

Thomas John is a world class juggler and comedian. Thomas first trained at the Circus Center of San Francisco and graduated from their Advanced Training Program. Since then Thomas has perfumed all over combing his love for visual arts and literature with a high level of juggling skill and wit to create a fun,dynamic show and really engaged walk around. Thomas has been most recently seen at the Moisture Variety Arts Festival in Seattle, casinos and theaters all up the Left Coast, and he was a top 48 finalist on Season 6 of America’s Got Talent. Thomas brings a unique charm and skill to any event and can even create custom scripts for your event.

Group C 0061


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